Welcome to TPM Machinery Sdn Bhd

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (KL), TPM Machinery Sdn Bhd (Sengear) is the number one trusted brand of car sensors, spare parts and accessories in Malaysia.

Abs Pump ECU 1 products
Abs Sensor 217 products
Air Flow Sensor 33 products
Brake Switch 7 products
Camshaft Sensor 70 products
Continental Car 3 products
Crankshaft Sensor 113 products
Digital Clock 3 products
Door Handle 2 products
Door Latch 1 products
Ficd Valve 18 products
Gas Filter 1 products
Hardness Socket 85 products
Inhibitor Switch 25 products
Knock Sensor 26 products
Latest Product 4 products
Map Sensor 56 products
Meter Gear 6 products
Meter Sensor 48 products
Oil Switch 6 products
Others 6 products
Oxygen Sensor 81 products
Power Unit 3 products
Relay 42 products
Reverse Swtich 1 products
Stepped Motor 1 products
Thermo Sensor 31 products
Thermo Valve 1 products
Vvti Valve 25 products
Washer Tank Motor 46 products
Others 18 products


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